Acharya Sambhavana


Acharya Sambhavanai

For all the upahAram that an acharyan does by sacrificing all the pleasures of life in the service of uplifting our souls to do nithya kainkaryam to perumal and giving various upanyasams and kalakshebhams even in the midst of tiring sancharams and constantly taking up many arduous projects for performing bhagavath kainkaryam., all we can do is to sing His praise and offer our Acharya sambhavanai regularly.

We have made arrangements for devotees like you to contribute regularly on a monthly basis or one time contributions from time to time. All the contributions are done securely through paypal. All contributions are tax deductible to the maximum extent permissible by US tax laws. Tax ID: IRS-EIN 52-2079591.

You can make your contributions through checks drawn in favour of “Sri Ramanuja Mission” (or) through Paypal using the online form below.

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