Sri Ranganatha Padhuka

Please note that English edition (both print as well as e edition) will contain all articles written by eminent Ubaya Vedanta Vidwans appearing in Tamil edition, but translated into English for the benefit of those who cannot read or understand Tamil.

Besides them, a few additional articles made exclusively for English edition will also be there. All existing subscriptions rates will be honoured till their expiry of current subscription.

At this time 1 year (Jan-Dec) auto renewal using credit card is the only subscription supported
Regardless when you register the full year’s rate will be collected.

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1.Tamizh Printed Edition(Started at 1963) – $50 (Includes Postage)
2.Tamizh Printed Edition-Postage-Only – $35
3.Tamil E- Edition(Started at 2010) – $15
4.English E-Edition – $15
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