Sri Ramanuja Mission Inc. USA is a Srivaishnava Organization affiliated to Srirangam Srimadh Andavan Ashramam as an official branch of the Ashramam in USA. It was established by His Holiness Srimadh Srimushnam Andavan in the year 1997 to nurture Srivaishnava Sath Sampradayam in USA through religious services, discourses, publications and other activities. Sri Ramanuja Mission has many active members all over USA, ALL of whom are volunteers with a mission to serve the command of their Acharyas.

Srimadh Srimushnam Andavan has blessed Sri Ramanuja Mission, the ashramam’s branch in USA with all Poorvacharya Padukas (in 1997), with vigraha moorthy of Sri Ramanuja (in 2000), vigraha moorthy of Sri Rukmini Sathyabhama Sametha Sri Venugopala Perumal (in 2004) and vigraha moorthy of Sri Sudharshana and Sri Yoga Narasimha (in 2006).  


Sri Ramanuja Mission has performed more than 150 Paduka Aradhanams and Dolothsavams at various bhagavathas’ homes across all over USA. The Divya Mangalavigrahams of Sri Venugopala Perumal, Sri Ramanuja, and Sri Sudharshanar and Sri Yoga Narasimhar and the Acharya Padukas have sanctified their homes and brought prosperity, health and peace to bhagavathas’ families. Please use the ‘Contact Us’ link if you are interested in inviting the Perumal parivaram to your homes.

The Organization 

Sri Ramanuja Mission, Inc (SRI) is the official US branch of Srirangam Srimath Andavan Ashramam, a mutt in the temple town of Srirangam in India. The ashramam was establihsed following the path shown by the three gr3eat sages (Muni-Traya) viz. Srimath Nathamuni (824-924 CE), Srimath Yamuna Muni (916-1041 CE) and SrimathRamanuja Muni(1017-1137 CE). 

The Mission is a registered non-profit organization in the state of MD and has been active all over the US since its etablishment on April 14, 1997. Its activities include, but are not limited to, conducting Dolothsavam (divine swing for Lord Sri Krishna) and Aradhana in the traditional manner to consecrated archa moorthys of Lord Krishna and his Divine Consorts Rukmini and Sathyabhama, Sri Sdudharshana, Sri Nrusimha, Sri Ramanuja and the Padukas (divine wooden sandals) of all Poorvacharyas (past pontiffs) of Andavan Ashramam.

Sri Ramanuja Mission has also been active in disseminating knowledge by conducting classes for devotees of all ages in religious texts and by creating audio materials. 

Sri Ramanuja Mission is in the process of acquiring a place of worship here in the US for the daily pooja of the Aradhana Moorthys of the Ashramam and to nurture Muni-traya Sampradayam.


The Goals and Purpose of the Organization 

Sri Ramanuja Philosophy :   Sri Vaishnavism or Sri Ramanuja’s Philosophy known as Visishtadvaita is the philosophy of the vedas. Sri Ramanuja wrote all his works guided by the works of Acharyas like Dramidar, Tankar, Guhadeva, Bhodayana, Nathamunigal and Alavandar. In a nutshell, Visishtadvaita philosophy states that SrimanNarayana is the Supreme Truth (para tatva). The easy way to attain His Divine Grace is through absolute and total self-surrender known as Prapatti. Everlasting bliss and enjoyment of the Lord’s attributes are the fruit (phala) that we get from him, on our doing, again with His Grace. 

Sri Ramanuja Mission Inc. 

Sri Ramanuja Mission Inc. of Srirangam Srimad Andavan Periyasramam has been formed with a sole objective of serving the cause of Sri Vaishnavism by upholding the principles established Sri Ramanujacharya. 

The goals of the Mission are: 

  • To promote the awareness and understanding of Sri Vishistadvaitha (Sri Ramanuja) philosophy in U.S.A and outside India.
  • To serve the local community at large, in a unified way, by disseminating knowledge about the several aspects of Sri Vaishnavism through discourses, training, and other means. 
  • To translate, publish and distribute the ancient scriptures and Holy literature that form the spiritual basis of Sri Ramanuja philosophy.


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