Sri Ramanuja Mission has been involved in a number of initiatives both in India and in USA. Various initiatives like Veda Patasalas, Charitable activities, Daily Perumal Aradhanams are being managed through various trusts established and maintained by Sri Ramanuja Mission.

Veda Patasalas established and maintained by Srirangam Srimath Andavan Ashramam

  • 1. Srirangam
  • 2. Vaduvoor
  • 3. Tiruchanur
  • 4. Kanchipuram
  • 5. Tiruvaheendrapuram (Under Sri Paduka Charities)
  • 6. Uththiramerur
  • 7. Srimushnam
  • 8. Ambuga( Karnataka)
  • 9. Thiruppullani (Rig Vedam) Inaugurated on 6th Aug, 2008, by H.H. during His 20th Chaturmasya Sankalpam at this place

    Trusts Associated with  Andavan Ashramam

    1. Sri Paduka Charities, 

    No.33,Desikachari Road, Mylapore Chennai 600040.

       This is the Apex trust connected with all the activities of Ashramam.This Trust supports all the major activities of our Ashramam towards the well being of our Society at large,propagation of Vedic studies,publications of vedic literatures,honouring of ubaya vedanthic scholars ,to mention a few.This is a registered Trust and donations made to this Trust are having the benefit of income tax exemption under 80G.This trust maintains a KalyanaMandapam in Chennai and also the Veda Patasala at Thiruvaheendrapuram.Thistrusts also conducts once every year “Samashti Upanayanam” in the month of Maasi,to atleast 35 poor brahmin boys of 3 sects,Vaishnava,Smartha and Madwa.Entire expenses are met by this trust.

    2. Sri Ranganatha Paduka Vidyalaya Trust.

    No.7, Nelson road, Tiruvanaikkaval,Tiruchy 620005

    This trust administers all the veda patasalas of our Ashramam at Srirangam, Tiruchanur and Vaduvoor. Also Srimath Andavan Arts & Science College, the prestigious educational Institution of our Ashramam is administered by this Trust. Donations made to this Trust also have the  benefit of income tax exemption under 80G.

    3. Srimath Andavan Trust

    No.33, Desikachari Road, Mylapore,Chennai 600004

    This is a trust which mainly concentrate to support poor families marriage expenses of their daughters,by providing “Thirumangalyam” in gold of about 4 gms.Resources for this purpose is mobilised through donations from Public,which has Income tax exemption under 80G.

    4. Sri Srimath Bhagavath Bhashyakara Thathiyaradanai Trust

    Manager, Srirangam Srimath Andavan Ashramam, Ring Road, Tirumala Pin 517504

    Main objectives of this Trust is to organise Perumal and Paduka Aradanam everyday,provide thatheeyaradanam to Sevarthees, visiting Tirumala free of cost,organise vedaparayanam and Divyaprabanda parayanam whenever required,particularly during Brahmothsavam periods on a large scale.Funds are mobilised through donations from public, which has the benefit of Income tax exemption under 80G

Patasala Kaingaryam

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