Sri Ramanuja Mission takes this opportunity to apprise you of our on-going projects and to impress upon you, the financial needs the Missionis facing, in supporting them. We feel obligated to approach you and seek your cooperation, guidance and patronage for this valuable work that will help sustain the rich Vedic culture we have inherited from our forefathers. We urge you to make your tax-deductible donations to Sri Ramanuja Mission, Inc., a non-profit organization registered in the State of MD (Tax ID: IRS-EIN 52-2079591). Please take a look at the on-going projects we have undertaken in which your participation and continued patronage is requested. 

Veda Patasala Project 

A Veda Patasala at Srirangam that has produced many successful scholars was started by HH Srirangam Srimad Thirukudanthai Andavan nearly 28 years ago. This Patasala offers Shironmani courses on Chathur Shasthras (four vedic studies) and also Naalaayiram DivyaPrabhandham. Presently it has over 50 vidyarthis (students) and 10 teaching staff. Students typically start here at a tender age of 6 in a Gurukulam(boarding and living under the attention of Gurus) environment and complete their studies in 6 years. This institution is playing a very important role in preserving the Vedic traditions by providing authentic training and by imparting traditional Vedic education to the future generations. Students belonging to all branches of Vedic lineage (Sri Vaishnavites, Shaivities and Madhavas) enroll in this Patasala. Besides Srirangam Patasala, Srimath Andavan Ashramam has Veda patasalas at various premises including Azhwar Thirunagari, Vaduvur, Thirupullani, Thiruchanur, Kanchipuram and Thiruvaheendrapuram. Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam maintains and offers free education to students and at the same time pays a monthly stipend to their parents.

In order to support this noble cause of our ashramam, Sri Ramanuja Mission has undertaken a project to provide a six-year scholarship for students who are pursuing Vedic studies at these Patasalas. The Mission looks up to Bhagavathas living abroad and requests them to sponsor one student for the full period of 6 years. This is a very great kaimkaryam since the knowledge of our rich vedas is preserved and passed on to future generations with the financial help of a bhagavatha. 

Please click here to see the appeal from Srimath Andavan Ashramam 

Please send a mail to for more details. 

Sri Venugopala Perumal Thirumanjanam, Dolothsavam, Paduka Thiruvaradhanam at your home 

Sri Ramanuja Mission is committed to perform Sri Venugopala Perumal Thirumanjanam, Dolothsavam, Paduka Thiruvaradhanam for AcharyaPadukas and Bhagavath Aradhanam at your home. This includes traditional seva kalam consisting of recitation of Divyaprabhandams, Sookthams, Desika Sthothrams, Gadya Thrayam and Acharya Thanians at your home. Padukas of all Srirangam Srimad Andavan Acharyasstarting from the first HH Andavan to the present HH Sri Mushnam Andavan will come to bless your home and the members of it.

Please avail this great opportunity of seeking the blessings of all the poorvacharyas by performing Thiruaradhanam at your home. Please send a mail to for further details.

Monthly Discourse (Teleupanyasam)

Sri Ramanuja Mission is organizing a monthly discourse(upanyasam) of HH Srimad Srimushnam Andavan over the telephone, and on the second Sunday of every month presented live for all the bhagavathas living in various nook and cranny of the world. Since its introduction in August of 1999, hundreds of bhagavathas as far as Australia, Bahrain, Singapore, USA and Hawaii have dialed-in to listen to SrimadAndavan’s upanyasam. Everyone is encouraged to avail this great opportunity to hear our great acharya’s voice in our living rooms and get his blessings. 

Please send a mail to for more details. 

‘Community outreach’ programs for propagating Sri Ramanuja’s Philosophical Siddhantam (Doctrine) 

To bring about a general Vedic awareness among the masses and to enlighten the pursuing souls, the Mission is committed to bringing out invaluable literature and other resources of Sri Ramanuja’s Philosophical Doctrine in electronic form, and to make it available to Bhagavathsoutside India.

–          The Mission has produced a three-page quick reference to Srivaishnava Acharya Guruparamparai by providing a Chart in English – tracing lineage from Sriman Narayanan Himself. Please click here to get more information on this project.

–          The Mission has completed the audio recordings of Swami Desikan’s sthothra mala on CD. This is a jewel in every Sri Vaishnava’scrown of collection since it contains all the 28 master pieces of our great acharyan, Swami Desikan’s sthothras with very beautiful rendition in the most traditional style. It also has an excellent introductory commentary in English about the importance and the highlighted meanings of each sthothra. The first 3 CDs of this 6 set volume is available. Please click here to get more information on this project. 

–          Sri Desikaprabandham (405 Tamil slokas of Swami Sri Vedantha Desikar) Cassettes with Tamil commentary. A joint venture with Sri Ahobila Mutham, USA) — Three 90 minute cassettes were produced in a professional studio environment, using hi-fidelity recording instruments. To obtain these tapes please contact Sri Ahobila Matham, USA.

–          Sri Chatusloki, Stothrarathnam, and Gadyatrayam (A joint venture with Sri Ahobila Mutham, USA) — A 90 minute tape with introductory commentary in English was released on the auspicious occasion of Sri Ramanuja Jayanthi on May 1, 1998. To obtain this tape please contact Sri Ahobila Matham, USA.


To participate and undertake any such community outreach programs please send a mail to for more details. 

Sri Andavan Science and Arts College

An Arts and Science college was formally inaugurated on the 26th of October 1997 by the former President of India, Dr Shankar DayalSharma. As per the instructions of HH Srimad Andavan, the college is to be run independently with endowments setup by the Ashramam and without financial assistance from the government. Admissions are based solely on merit. Donations are welcome to supplement the endowment for the continued growth of the college. The trust has a Government of India approval under Income Tax Act 80(G) exemption for tax purposes. Donations received by Sri Ranganatha Paduka Vidyalaya Trust are exempt from income tax per 80G clause in India.

Please send a mail to for more details. 

Note: Devotees and Interested donors may contribute to any and all the causes above by contacting All contributions made in the U.S., are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by U.S. tax laws.


  1. Dear sir, namaskaram, I am Prakash Narasimhan from Chennai. So for serving as Resident Manager capacity with dedication on 4 Vedapatashala . If interested kindly consider me with your Vedapatashala for the same job. Please revert.

  2. Please add me to your distribution list. Thank you

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