This section contains a rich collection of audio comprising of sthothrams, prabhandhams, recitations, upanyasams etc. Choose the appropriate link below.

Santhai Recordings Srimath Andavan Recordings
Sri Desika Stothram Daily Recitals at Srimath Andavan Ashramam

Santhai Recordings of Sthothram and Prabhandhams by Sri Ramanuja Mission


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Desika Prabhandham

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Sri Desika Stothram

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Recitations and Upanyasams by Srimath Andavan H.H. Sri Ranga Ramanuja MahaDesikan



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Gadhya Thrayam 

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Padhuka Sahasram

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Desika Sthothrams

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Sri Desika Sthothram

Desika Sthothram recordings – Introduction

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Srimath Andavan Ashramam Daily Recitals/h2>

Daily Recitals

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  1. ஸ்வாமின் எனக்கு திருவாய்மொழி சந்தை மாதிரி நாலாயிரம் சந்தையும் கிடைக்குமா

    தாசன் மணிவண்ணன்

  2. Can I have Dayasathakam sandhai murayil learning.

  3. Namaskaram,

    A humble request. It was nice to get the santhai recordings of few of Sri Desika Slokas. It will be helpful if the entire Sri Desika slokas, Desika Prabhandams are included here. Not sure it will be too much to ask for 4000 Divya prabhandam santhai’s as well. Kindly consider. Also seek apologies for any errors. Regards, Dasan

  4. Paduka Sahasram rendered by Srimath Andavan.
    The slokas are not placed in the order of the Paddathis. Is there a reason?
    Abhisheka Paddathi and NADHA paddathi are missing.

  5. My query regarding Paduka Sahasram slokas placed out of order has not been looked into!

  6. adiyen !

    Is it possible to download any of these stotrams so we can store on the mobiles ?

  7. Have you uploaded santhi for Raghuveera gadhyam and Garuda panchashath ? If so , please share link .

  8. Namaskaram,
    ariyen oru vinnappam.santhai solla Srimadh Bhagawath Geeha slokamum irundhal migavum ubayogama irukum endru adiyanadhu thazhndha vinnappam.
    dasan Narasimhan.

  9. Gunarathanakosha Audio is not available..

  10. swamy is there ull Thiruvai moze santhai in tis site I could not navgate Kindly guide me when you ind time Dhanyosme

  11. Hope to get a book like this. Thanks for providing it for free

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