Sri Ramanuja Mission of Srirangam Srimath Andavan Ashramam has been involved in bringing the upanyasams of His Holiness Srimath Andavan Sri Rangaramanuja Mahadesikanto all the devotees throughout the world since 2000 absolutely at no cost to them at the convenience of staying at their home and listening through the telephone bridge. In spite of HH Srimath Andavan going on Sancharam on a regular basis throughout India, we have been blessed and fortunate to hear His discourses on variety of topics in Sri Vaishnavam over these years.


It is truly our bhagyam to hear His voice even though we live so far away from our motherland. This has been possible only because of Srimath Andavan’s care and empathy towards all the devotees who He felt should not get left out just by virtue of living so far away from India. This has also made the devotees well connected with our acharyalineage and learn the rich traditions of our sath sampradayam through our Acharya sarvabhouman.


Sri Ramanuja Mission has been a pioneer in webcasting Srimath Andavan’s upanyasam regularly thereby providing opportunity for all the devotees throughout the world to “see” His Holiness. 


Srimath Andavan has given upanyasams on a variety of topics including Thiruppavai, Sri Chatusloki, Sri Stothraratnam to name a few. Normally the upanyasams occur atleastonce a month typically on a Sunday at 8 PM IST. This depends on HH Srimath Andavan’s sancharam schedule. 


Normally HH Srimath Andavan would like to hear the names of participants who listen to the upanyasam. For seeking Srimath Andavan’s anugraham, we feel this is a great opportunity for participants like you to register  your name and your family members’ name


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